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Corbin Crable Does His Part to Make His Community Better

October 15, 2018
Corbin Crable

Among the attributes liked most about Corbin Crable seem to be his ability to see every detail,. That likely which probably comes from his extensive editing experience, including his long term as a copy editor with the Grand Island Independent newspaper in Central Nebraska. There, he was pretty much responsible for the production of the entire newspaper. Not only did he edit articles for the local market and articles from the Associated Press for spelling, grammar, punctuation, style, grammar and syntax, but he also designed the front page of every paper, in addition to pages in the local, opinion and sports sections. He also posted the content for the Independent's website at the end of the day.

As a general assignment reporter and editor with the small Johnson County newspaper The Gardner News several years ago, he covered and wrote feature stories, but he also covered other news, especially regarding the local government, especially the school board. Even though this was primary a journalism job, he also helped design the pages for this twice-weekly publication and he uploaded every issue on their website at the end of every production cycle.

These days, Corbin Crable works as both a freelance web designer and a reporter for the KC Hispanic News in Kansas City, Missouri. In addition to reporting on stories of relevance to the Hispanic community in the Kansas City metropolitan area, he also uses the most advanced computer programs available to design the newspaper’s pages, to set up page spreads and create infographics to accompany his and other reporters' articles. His articles tend to run to fashion, popular culture and trends, vintage design and collectibles.